My Earliest Memories

I teach some pretty young children. Five, even four years old. And I can’t help but wonder, how clearly will they remember their time with me? And that in turn gets me thinking of my own memories for that period of my life. I have little trouble envisioning locations I’ve been to in my mind […]

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Doctor Who and his companions

So I’ve just seen the Doctor Who Christmas special. They went for a bit more of comedic thing this year. T’was mildly entertaining, not the best thing they’ve produced but far from the worst. The interesting thing however is that Matt Lucas was hanging out with the Doctor. He didn’t really do a whole lot. […]

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Teachers are a lot like Kings

On the bus to work this morning two pieces of advice I’ve heard in the past randomly floated through my mind. “It is better to be feared than loved” (or something to that effect) and “Don’t smile until the third term.” The first is from the book The Prince by Machiavelli and it’s, somewhat unfairly […]

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Humans are Natural

I’ve just finished watching Planet Earth II, David Attenborough’s newest documentary series. And it was really, really good. They showed off some seriously cool animals doing really interesting things using top of the range cameras. Definitely worth checking out. Has my top recommendation. It consists of just six episodes, each focusing on a different biome. […]

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The Center of the Universe

When you first heard of The Big Bang, you probably assumed it meant space expanded outwards from a single point, hence there’s a center of the universe. However, in truth, space expands unilaterally. Which basically means every point in the universe is the center point. Furthermore speed is relative. When you pass by things in […]

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